Michael P. O'Neill (Mike)

Vice President, Miami

Michael O'Neill (Mike) is Vice President, Miami at AJW. He is the former Chief Operations Officer at Ampco, and joined AJW as a result of the acquisition.

As COO of Ampco, Mike was responsible for manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and procurement for all three divisions of the organization. It was under his leadership that the company downsized in 2008 and rebuilt itself to restore profitability. He also spearheaded the revamp of Ampco's stainless steel partition line. As a result, what was once an unprofitable product line now represents the highest gross profit-generating partition offering.

Mike's tenure at Ampco spans 29 years. He started with the organization as a product manager and was elevated first to general manager of the company's Florida operation and then Executive Vice President. His many notable achievements during his tenure including establishing Ampco's Washington location as well as the company's Tennessee division, the latter of which has since been closed.

Mike holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Florida International University as well as an AS in Management/Army ROTC from Marion Military Institute in Marion, Alabama. He served in the US Army Reserve from 1979 to 1981.

He and his wife have been married 27 years; they have 2 children.