U704 Series

Product Features

Fabricated of #18 gauge stainless steel with #4 satin finish

Frame extends 4" at the top and tapers to 1" at bottom

Multiple reflective surfaces available

Mirror comes with a 15 year warranty against silver spoilage

Product Specs

Frame: Fabricated of #18 ga stainless steel, #4 satin finish. Stainless steel frame is fabricated with welded mitered corners that are ground and polished smooth. Mirror extends out 4" at top and tapers to 1" at bottom.

Mirror: 1/4" thick type 1 transparent flat type, class 1 - clear glass mirrors. Mirror is coated with silver and sealed with a uniform electrolytic copper plating, along with two coats of paint for added protection. Mirrors are guaranteed against silver spoilage for a period of 15 years. Mirrors conform to AS™ C1036 and AS™ C1503-R8.

Filler: 3/16" thick full size, shock absorbing, water resistant, non-abrasive polyethylene padding protects all concealed mirror surfaces

Brackets: Mounting brackets are fabricated of #20 ga pre-plated, galvanized steel. Lower bracket has two (2) side mounting points that allow frame to be secured to bracket.

Standard Sizes Available (W x H): 16"x24", 16"x30", 18"x24", 18"x30", 18"x36", 24"x30", 24"x36"


-VC: Safety Glass (Vinyl Clad)

-T: Tempered Glass

-LG: Laminated Glass

-PM: Plastic Acrylic

-8B: #8 Reflective Surface

-LX: Polycarbonite

Mirrors conform to Federal Specifications DD-M-00411b & DD-g-541D.

Mirrors are always ordered Width x Height

Framed mirrors are fabricated to a tolerance of 1/8".

Installation Instruction

Coordinate installation with architect / contractor for specific mounting location and height for each mirror application. Check all state an local codes for installation requirements. Remove hanger brackets and transfer mounting points to wall surface. S


16"W x 30"H Fixed Tilt Angle Frame Mirror - Plate Glass Surface

Technical documents